look and live

she was four 
when big sister married
 a sad day for little one
she cried
stood at sister's side through
wedding reception line
a second mother

and then
not too long
big sister
birthed her own little girl

He always provides

last night at the beach
hands clasped
one more time
pure love
looks like this



alison said…
brings tears to my eyes. sweet girls. just love everything about it! love your words.

will you send me the full size pic??

love you.
deb said…
this is the thing in large families,
this distance between young and old in years.
but not in closeness, in love, not in ones like yours.

that photo is sacred
Cath said…
Life is all about relationships. And this one seems to be tender. Such a blessing.
Melissa: said…
this brought tears to my eyes, too.

What a sweet photo.

A great reminder to me, to trust in those hard moments that feel like losses - knowing there is an outpouring of blessings to come that I couldn't have dreamed up.
Relyn said…
This is such a precious picture. A treasure. I can't really write about it without gushing and seeming so silly. I guess I just have to tell you that it touched my heart and leave you to feel the rest.

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