fifteen beach kids

twelve years to five months
and everything in between
beach pals

sun kissed
my darling hearts

did a girl from Bountiful
ever dream
such bounty

the water swirled with flecks of gold
each cool wave
as sands of the sea
His astounding goodness



deb said…
and here you are!

what to say to this... unbelievable . I'm so happy for you. What a testament to love and faith and hope.

love to you cristie. you always give me these things too.
Lizzie said…
love you. thank you.
Melissa: said…
now i want to go back! :)
cristie said…
definitely a week to remember!

don't forget to double click on the photo to see their expressions.

let's see...from left to right #2, #7, #11, #12, and #14 got the stomach flu with an additional four adults?

no amazing week. xox
Relyn said…
He is good. We don't have so many in our family, but the feeling is the same. Last week my daughter enjoyed her cousins in a way that made her lit up from the inside. It was a treasure to watch.

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