"enter to learn, go forth to serve"

i can't even imagine the hundreds of thousands of feet that have stepped on this seal

The Glory of God is Intelligence

a long long time ago
when i was seventeen...almost eighteen
i went away to school

i attended summer, fall, winter and spring
hardly any breaks
and finished in three years

this morning i could see i was seven minutes late to class
all because i had to run back to the car to get my admission

in the old days Massasoit was not only a hunk
but, he served as a meeting place
then he stood in the Harris Fine Arts Center
and another time he was outside of the Eyring Science Center
but now he majestically waits for my sweetie west of the library
where he said he would meet me
just like the olden days

this fudge counter tempts all who pass by

and Y mountain brings back every lovely memory of long ago days



deb said…
your going to school?
can I be jealous?

not about the 3 year fast track thing though... wow.

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