"time flies on wings of lightning"

no mama on the porch
point and shoot camera
not this year

no shiny school faces
books, lunch in hand
squinting into the sun
"i'll count to three
then say cheese"

thirty years
new shoes
thirty years

now i'm squinting
sun warming
an empty porch
empty hands

so thankful
for the chance
those many first days




Melissa: said…
I'm happy for the reminder. Those things don't occur to me - I love first day pictures and never think that they will come to an end. I will appreciate it even more.

I guess a new phase is lunch adventures with Claire. I think that is such a sweet blessing to have a Grammy to go to after school. :)
Katie said…
I can't believe you survived thirty years of school with kids! Tell me I can do it, too. You are what I hope to be... in many ways.
Cath said…
thirty years?? wow. what a wonderful mama to come home to!
S. Etole said…
It's difficult to imagine 30 tugs of the heart for all those firsts ... what a beautiful mama's heart you have.

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