going going pretty much gone

fare thee well most lovely summer
how i will miss thee
you warmed my bones
wish i could postpone
your fleeting memory




Cath said…
Today it definitely feels like it is gone! I have to tell you though, I was absolutely delighted to walk into Eliza's Kindergarten class this morning to find Claire (and Eddie and his cute wife) there. There are only about eight girls in the class and Eliza didn't know anyone. So I introduced them and she had a wonderful first day. What a fun year! Love you!
deb said…

as are you.

and the gifts of words you give to me. thank you thank you.
cristie said…
i do love this...

your oldest child
my grandchild
same class

teach a friend of Dave's

wow, my friend, my babysitter, my Cath. xox
Melissa: said…
I love the fall, but I'm sad to see it go, this one went by too fast for me. As always, great photos!

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