you were here


today there is snow in the mountains
it will be here soon
covering a reminder
a once upon a time

the pavement bears record
of hands and one tiny foot
missing oldest and youngest
scout camp and heaven

now an empty sandbox
playhouse gone to ruin
no slamming front door
a quiet piano

but you were here
the cement doesn't lie
young lives flourished here
played, slept, folded newspapers...

we were all happy here
once upon a time



deb said…
cristie, this was so wonderful.
you must have that missing and appreciating the quiet all at the same time.
I am not looking forward to snow, I'll admit.
alison said…
so beautifully said. great reminder to embrace each day with these sweet little people. love you.
Katie said…
some days I wish I could go back in time... to stand over the heater vent while hot air blew up my flannel nightgown. " and security, making home a part of heaven where we long to be."
Grandma Honey said…
I can relate to this poem and pictures way too much.
Cath said…
Those handprints are precious. Hard to imagine those little fingers... now grown. Sweet Cristie.

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