first snow

yesterday we woke up to our first snow.

  • hot mint chocolate
  • buttered toast
  • heated home
  • fleece jacket
  • afternoon walk with snow, blue sky, and Becky
  • waterproof shoes
  • spending a few minutes with sweetie watching the game
  • talking to sisters
  • phone call from Laurel
  • happy children
  • faces i love at church Halloween party
  • taking a tight corner
  • another amazing marble

“Ask yourself these questions: Am I an example of respect in my home by the way I treat those I love the most? What is my demeanor during a sports event? If my child has a disagreement with a teacher, coach, or peer, do I listen to both sides of the issue? Do I show respect for the property of others as well as take care of my own? How do I respond to others with whom I disagree in matters of religion, lifestyle, or politics? “As parents and leaders exemplify and teach respect for others, we confirm in the hearts of our children that each of us is truly a child of God and all are brothers and sisters through eternity. We will focus on the things we have in common—on the qualities of heart that bind the family of God together, rather than on our differences.”Margaret S. Lifferth



alison said…
okay, i need to know how to find an amazing marble. what do you actually type in to search for them on ebay?? i am not having much luck. dave, keeps telling me about his amazing finds:)

wish i could have been on that walk with you. the sounds, smells, and company would have been medicine to my soul:)

love you.
S. Etole said…
such a pretty sight ... but hopefully it won't last quite yet
deb said…
you are killing me with the snow. I'm still stubbornly wearing capris.

love the quote. exactly.
Grandma Honey said…
Oh I envy your snow. I would LOVE to wake up to that!
Catherine said…
Well I know this feeling well! :)

Our fist snow is gone now but I am sure it will be back again.

Happy November!

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