book group

"It is but a small part that the average person contributes to improve mankind. My life has been simple, full of love, devotion, and service for my family. I might have thought mine a hard row to hoe had not the plants I cultivated responded so magnificently to the culture I gave them, made possible by our beloved America."
Annie Clark Tanner

the faces slightly vary from month to month
we have a special bond

we are each others
we are sisters
we love to read

pretty much every month
except August and December

we gather and discuss
 always here at my home
seven P.M.

for the last eight years
seventy---eighty books later
and better for it



Grandma Honey said…
Wow. I'm impressed. I wish I had a list of those 78 books. Did you do reviews on any of them on this blog?

We also have a book club here. We usually stray from the book about 30 minutes into it and start reviewing life. I love it, either way.
margaret said…
Love the pictures, love the book group and sharing ideas, and think you are wonderful! Glad to discover your blog -- very cool!
Cath said…
Love all those beautiful faces. A long time running! That's wonderful.
deb said…
you never fail to amaze me.

and I'd love to walk with you anytime...
in a way we are I think
S. Etole said…
time well spent with both the books and friends ...
Karen said…
What a great post. Thank you for letting me continue to be a part of the group. I love the connection with everyone. You are a special gal, I love you!

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