home again home again jiggity jig

i love each face

David and Kelli will be with Kelli's family for Thanksgiving
and Dave didn't want to miss home, family and pumpkin pie

so, we gathered to celebrate an early feast 
whoever could come
Dave and Kell drove five hours

and late at night we ate

 we sang and played music

boy howdy she can sing

we had "billy boy"

mother and son

girls twirled

this one posed

the fire blazed

they shared stories and did girlie stuff

kitchen table before Monopoly took over

Val looking lovely

all that way
to be here less than a day

his mandolin was on fire!

making memories

and soon we will travel
all that can come

"over the river and through the woods"
to be with Alison and Doug's family



S. Etole said…
well worth the miles traveled ...
Grandma Honey said…
How wonderful that you got to celebrate early. I love your attitude...if they can't all be together for Thanksgiving, then just move the date up!
Melissa: said…
You throw a great party! Thanks again. The food was delicious, the fire so cozy and the company was the best. Such a nice evening.
Cath said…
Love the beauty of home and family. And I'm with you. Boy howdy can she sing!
Katie said…
It looked like a great time. I'm so glad that you document the gathering so well! Love you!

p.s. you're a good sport to always let your girls paint their nails on your nice table. I'd be tempted to throw everyone out in to the garage if it were me!
Relyn said…
What a wonderful, wonderful time. So glad you had it.

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