Annie Clark Tanner

meet my grand-father's sister
a life
her adult life
amazing joy

but having just read this book
her tale of raw despair
i feel to honor her
and always

here is a good woman
a saint
who in the sunset of her life
only expressed gratitude

Annie Clark Tanner
i hope to meet you someday

her closing lines...a verse she memorized
a signpost

"We shape ourselves, the joy and fear
Of which the coming life is made;
And fill our future atmosphere
With sunshine or with shade.

The tissue of the life to be
We weave with colors all our own
And in the field of destiny
We reap as we have sown."



Grandma Honey said…
Was this published and for sale somewhere? I'd love to read it.
cristie said…
i bought my book from Amazon. xox
Grandma Honey said…
Thank you Cristie. I just ordered it!
cristie said…
so glad you are willing to give it a try...let me know what you think. xox
Melissa: said…
Wow. I love those lines of poetry. It would do me some good to memorize them. She sounds like a very inspiring woman.

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