Thursday, March 24, 2011

badly done, emma. badly done.

some of my all time favorite lines


Emma, how could you be so unfeeling to Miss Bates? How can you be so
insolent to a woman of her age and situation? I had not thought it


How could I help saying it? I daresay she did not understand me.


Oh, I assure you, she felt your fool meaning. She cannot stop mentioning
it! I wish you could have heard her honor your forbearance in putting up
with her when her society is so irksome.


I know there is no better creature in all the world, but you must allow
that blended alongside of the good there is an equal among of ridiculous in


Were she prosperous, or a woman equal to your age and situation, I would
not quarrel with any liberties of manner. But she is poor! Even moreso than
when she was born, and should she live to be an old lady, she will sink
further still, her situation being in every way below you should secure
your compassion! Badly done, Emma. Badly done. She has watched you grow
from a time when her notice of her in honor to this, humbling her and
laughing at her in front of people who would be guided by your treatment of
her. It is not pleasant for me to say these things, but I must tell you the
truth while I still can, proving myself your friend by the most faithful
counsel, trusting that sometime you will do my faith in you greater justice
than you do it now.


S. Etole said...

this is just delightful, Cristie ...

deb colarossi said...

thank you .
as always.

Anna Diederich said...

love it, and i'm so excited to read it.

Relyn said...

Love this! I know, I know.

Last summer was My Summer of Jane. I read every one of her novels. It was marvelous.