the jar...8

what are your favorite smells

rain on hot pavement
loved running through the sprinklers as a kid
then laying on the hot cement

i squeeze one almost every day in my smoothies

kids that smell like the wind
(or just came in from playing outside)
liz says i just like the smell of sweaty kids

freshly mowed grass


the linen closet
bars of soap tucked between the sheets

autumn leaves

it's true...i love the smell of cilantro

(that would be me if i drank coffee)
i used to hang around the coffee grinder in the grocery store when i was a kid

if he's not wearing CLUBMAN

thank thee Heavenly Father
i love these smells



Anna Diederich said…
i love all these! another favorite is the smell of cilantro.
cristie said…
i do love the smell of cilantro!

thanks for the reminder. xox
Relyn said…
I love these smells, too. And lilacs. And daffodils. YUM!
Cath said…
This post makes me happy.

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