Saturday Night

we did it all again
40 years later
high school
only this time we met
Oakridge Country Club
 i fixed up the best i could
piled on the beads
took my own picture since i was the only one home
and headed out the door
hanging photos
albums from our era
 copy of high school news paper
 all rolled up in school colors
red and gray
 table filled with memorabilia

paula did an amazing job decorating this room
 angie always had the cutest hair
then and now
 roger and i were in Mame together
 i sat next to tom (on the right) and his wife liz
during dinner
gee he's a good guy
 high school friends
karen and nancy
lovely women
janese and janet
knew her all the way...K-12
she married Gary who worked for Merck
we met up again in California
the early years of our married life
then middle years in Pennsylvania
now in Utah
we lunch often
we went outside for a group photo
a bunch of helicopters flew overhead



Grandma Honey said…
Since your last post I told my husband that I need to be on the lookout for my 40th reunion...but before your post I had no interest. And now this one...I can't wait!
S. Etole said…
What a beautiful person you are ...
Relyn said…
OK!! You do NOT look old enough to have been out of high school for 40 years. It looks like a wonderful time.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes you hit the lottery bigtime and never know it. Well, I hit it big AND I am well aware of it.

I still get ID'd when buying N/A beer and believe me, I'm not getting cutied up for the run...

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