so blessed...


  • i can read
  • walking in early morning summer light
  • opening up the house to cool summer air each morning
  • tunes on my ipod
  • YOU RAISE ME UP...Josh Groban
  • joy in the calling
  • feet warmed by the sun
  • nate and greg visit
  • anson at the barbershop
  • my dad's "no soup for you"
  • hummingbirds still come
  • nathan scanned the scrapbooks
  • tomatoes from the garden
  • sweetie likes to plant, nurture and grow
  • Moroni has a solid sense of right and wrong
  • cucumbers
  • book group at Bear Lake
  • Bear Lake raspberries
  • my four boys, their dad...all holding...blessing Henry David
  • my body is healthy
  • my children are trying



S. Etole said…
So much to be thankful for!

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