my brother

we took the bus to slc
bought lunch
looked around
sat in the photo booth

we goofed off
took the bus home
photos all that's left
reminder of that day

yesterday you came
grocery bags in tow
fish sauce, indian spices
lamb a slow simmer
jasmine rice

this offering
savored by all
generously served
edible love
he is my brother
we share much



Grandma Honey said…
I'm surprised you remember that day in the photo booth so well. I have similar pictures but I can't remember the wheres and whys of that day so long ago.
alison said…
wish i could have been there to enjoy the wonderful menu and company. sounds like such a delightful day!
love the photo booth pics . . . such sweet, fresh faces.
S. Etole said…
what a fun brother you have!

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