batter up!

what are the odds
attending grandsons baseball game

foul ball
up over back stop
high up over snack shack

oh. my. heck.
what was that thunk?

did that hit my car?
someone yells
"it hit the MINI"



to be kidding? one was joking

such bad luck!

so today i went to Dave's

home of the invisible repair

more like
now you see your money
now you don't

such crummy luck

for an otherwise beautiful Spring
baseball day

the. end.



Melissa: said…
you've GOT TO BE KIDDING! oh man....oh man!

(you're pictures are awesome, and to say you are a good sport is a huge understatement).
alison said…
i love your pictures, they make me smile. BUT, such bad luck . . . i'm sure you will think twice next time you park at a baseball game - i know i will.

love you
Cath said…
I'm going to have to come back to this one when I need a good laugh. Your faces are hilarious! Sami is standing next to me laughing loudly!

But BUMMMMMER! Ouch. And Ouch again. Good sport for sure!

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