another year older and wiser too...

we had a party
we ate spaghetti
savory warm french bread
color filled salad
two choices of cake
spice or rum

we celebrated
another birthday
but mostly
being together

we laughed
told stories

laughed some more
swapped recipes
enjoyed children

some stuffed grapes
under upper lip

while Pretty Cute gathered Spring
(sorry neighbors)

they came from far away

opened hearts
we are family




Melissa: said…
It was a great day! And so nice to just be around family. What is better?
S. Etole said…
it sounds like a wonderful family to be part of ...
alison said…
i definitely missed out on some fun. love that birthday boy and love my family
Lizzie said…
i would have to say the grape picture was probably the best.
deb said…
I want this . I love this.

you are such a beautiful woman.

okay, I have it.. I just want it forever , with grandchildren and those that are gone coming back
Katie said…
I love and hate reading the posts about birthdays. I love seeing what I missed - and HATE that I miss it! Find Danny a job!!!

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