happy for them

these are the faces
my boys and girls
each photo taken
as a
senior in high school
except youngest

and now
another project
time to update
take apart
she is ready

with each change
each year
each slam of the door
i have to wonder
as beds stay made

where was i
when they left
for good



Cath said…
oh! how does it happen? I can feel the brevity of it already. I love this Cristie. The beds staying made. Makes me want to hang on to every day a little tighter. Thanks.
alison said…
makes me want to cry, but that comes easily these days:)

i can feel it too . . . hanging on tight to these busy, full days. each day a gift, a blessing.

love you.
S. Etole said…
the letting go is hard ... the not letting go even harder ... your thoughts are so beautifully written
Katie said…
You were where you've always been. Home. I love you!
deb said…
oh, I love the beds staying made image,
in that bittersweet kind of way.
cristie said…
cath...time flies when you're having fun! i promise it will get more fun ;)

alison...(sniff)--you are so good at seeing the big picture. i love you.

susan...my faithful comment friend. you are so right...holding on is totally unhealthy for all involved.

k-k-k-katie...There's no place like home and you were one fun kid to raise. i love you.
cristie said…
deb...my ever constant comment friend...it's true. i look into rooms now that look just like they did yesterday. tidy! so weird.

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