presto change-o

my friend and neighbor Joe called me this morning after his wife Janet read about my car mess. he had a great suggestion.

call this guy. not only was he out to MY house after 20 minutes--he was talented enough to fix my car and a small ding in my sweetie-pie's car door.

that's right! i am grinning from ear to ear. i went from glum to wow.
even though it started to rain...boy howdy, i'm feeling sunny.

look at what an amazing job this dude did. magic.

thank you Joe and Janet...i'm blowing kisses your way! xox



deb said…
I can't believe the price difference , so hooray.

but I can't believe the pics, the words, the you!!!!

classic, hilarious, and priceless.
alison said…
now just look at that! the power of blogging;) thank heaven for friends and neighbors!
Lizzie said…
haha loved the "sunny" picture of you. made me giggle.

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