i take it back

she said, "i don't care to live a day past eighty." she had heard her father say just yesterday that everyone says that until they get old. 

he said, "there was an interesting article in the paper today that said people now are living happier lives in their elderly years than ever before. you don't have to dread growing old."

she said, "no kidding..., well then, i take it back."

she moved on to say, "just look at how much living we've done in the past twelve years."

he said, "eight of those years i was miserable in my career."

she said, "did it ruin your family time."

he replied, "not at all."

she said, "how long have you been retired now."

he said, "over two years."

she is surprised, "you've got to be kidding."

then she went on to enumerate-- her mind still awhirl, "twelve years ago i was 44...since then we have traveled to Africa, Switzerland, Hawaii a couple of time, 15 grandchildren, several weddings, heck, liz was only six,...our boys have gone and come home from missions, not to mention all of the church stuff we've been involved with. plus, look what we've been through with Laurel for the last 12 years; all the times.....(she had a lot to say about this topic).

he said, "we've been busy."

she said, "not to mention we lost two parents."

then they paused, listening to a dog bark outside...

she said, "that's a beautiful bird."

he said, "what the bluejay?"

she said, "no the grossbeak."

he said, "that's a female."

she loves having him retired.
she is lucky.
she is thankful.



S. Etole said…
Very blessed indeed ...
Melissa: said…
She is awesome and i want to keep reading. It's like I just started a Stegner novel :)

Real life and real love and knowing just a little about the past twelve years makes me think this is a story for the ages.
alison said…
i love this post. i love my parents. i could just see it all in my mind. love you.

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