the week that was

my brother visits from Switzerland

you can see how kind he is
how much he loves me
it's mutual

we enjoyed a memorable dinner

wish i had taken a picture of the mussels
or the polenta
but we were too busy inhaling

then we drove to nana's old house

next day
liz graduates from high school

after which we dined at the Bombay House

then we fly to Chicago
eli is baptized 
a soggy morning washing the world clean
while inside we were all renewed

we love this boy so much

my daughter's distance mama
four grandson's grandma

while kate lives so so far away

when bea has something to say
we listen

these grandparent are also good friends
we're lucky

mama's baby is a big boy now

new scriptures from parents

hand stitched quilt with boy's favorite colors

from this loving grammy

61 years young
scratch spice cake 
my girl is an amazing cook

we managed to get clean
with suds and toys

take an architectural boat ride
to see the city and capture the history
of this special place

sisters day long walking

katie treated the girls to glitter toes

a doll lovers must see

"kit" still her favorite

and "bitty"

matching dresses
dad gets a doll marketing education

soggy gorgeous day
required new stay dry jackets

love abounds in the windy city

slumped, worn out daddy
on the train

amazing outside talent
made the wait to get in delightful

and inside

just a taste

van gogh

teeny tiny brush strokes on an enormous painting

i wanted to join the girls

imagine painting fire that actually looks hot

she is lovely


i liked the colors here so much

smaller than i expected

the perfect hostess
devoted wife
hands on mother

missing photos...the hyde park art show
pizza pie, roasting poblano chili's, guacamole,
our walk through Obama's neighborhood
movie, games, more eating

thanks danny and katie


sis opening a new chapter

a wonderful week
a simply swell summer start!

(couldn't help the small alliteration)



Melissa: said…
I knew if I came back and checked you would add more pictures. :)

That is one amazing week! I loved seeing and reading all about it.

love you.
cristie said…
when i took the angel photo i told sis, "this painting reminds me of Melissa." xox
S. Etole said…
what a wonderful week for you ...
Katie said…
You documented our trip quite well! We had such a wonderful time. I could only let you depart knowing that I'll see you again in a few weeks.

Thanks for always uplifting and edifying. I always feel renewed and motivated after having spent time with you.
Melissa: said…
haha Cristie! It's the messy bun.

It's the only thing I have in common with angels and pioneers ;).

I love all these photos. I'm just going to keep checking back here to see if you will add anymore. I've missed you and your blogging!
Cath said…
What a trip! Katie looks beautiful. Those boys are darling. Looks like so much fun. (And loved the alliteration - they can be addictive, don't you think?!)
deb said…
Seriously incredible.
I'm going to revisit this again to look at the pictures.
What an incredible... packed.. joyful , week.

I'm happy for you!
alison said…
i've been waiting for this post! love all the pictures - captured your week so well. my sister's look beautiful, i was thinking about you every day wishing i was with you.

i especially love the picture of katie and bea. what a great life they have there!

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