in my world

it is snowing
a feeling of yes
hushed home
predawn possibilities
the promise
of today

and jimmer


  • stretching in my bed
  • joseph phoned
  • dave and kel are expecting a little boy
  • the scriptures speak to me
  • snow snow snow
  • monochromatic world
  • happy children
  • my boys married virtuous women
  • my girls married kind solid men
  • delicious lasagna
  • dancing with julie
  • walking with becky
  • lunch with cindy
  • catching up with cheryl
  • a safe snowy drive to farmington
  • shoulder shaking laughs
  • reuniting at the clark's
  • seth chose to serve
  • tender mercies for sissy
  • revelation
  • the jar



Grandma Honey said…
Another little boy! Congratulations. How many grandchildren will this make?
Anna Diederich said…
Cristie, could you tell me a little about this jar thing? I'm interested in copying, maybe. :]
Lora Dawn said…
"virtuous women",
"kind, solid men"
how richly blessed . . .
now and into eternity!
Relyn said…
a feeling of yes

love that line!

love the gratitude list as well
S. Etole said…
what a very special list ...

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