Monday, February 21, 2011

The Jar...nos. two

What were your mothers best traits? What ones do you share?

  • mother had a beautiful smile
  • mother gave sound advice
  • mother kept a clean well-stocked home
  • mother was direct
  • mother played music all of the time
  • mother loved to hose down the driveway
  • mother had beautiful skin
  • she knew she needed God
  • my dad was her first priority
  • mother tried 
  • she liked to walk
  • mother had confidence in her children
  • she appreciated beauty everywhere
  • she didn't do anything for me that i could do for myself
  • she cried in a sad movie or when she read of abuse in the newspaper
  • mother was patient with my dad
  • she was openly affectionate with all of us
  • she kissed my dad at home...all the time...he initiated this
  • she didn't put up with baloney
  • mother was happy being a mother...she never once acted like she was missing out on something more grand
  • mother loved genealogy
  • mother made sure i had the costumes i needed for all of my activities
  • my mother made sure to tell me she was proud of me

this list
good reminder 
i have emulated
every positive trait
my mother has 
genealogy is still waiting

mother dear...i remain forever devoted and indebted to you.

mother, her sister, me



S. Etole said...

What a wonderful mother to emulate.

audreeann said...

I love this! :)

cristie said...

dear a.a. i love you. xox

Grandma Honey said...

An angel mother for sure. My favorite is the 4th one to the last...about loving being a mother. That is something that escapes many in this generation.

alison said...

i love these reminders of sweet grandma. she raised a wonderful mama:)

deb colarossi said...

simply marvelous. and beautiful . and perfect.