the jar

years ago my daughter gave me a jar filled with questions

while i can still reasonably remember

1. What kind of extracurricular activities were you involved in at school?

it's true
i was Mame
my senior year i tried out for this musical
17 costume changes
lots of dancing and singing

many lines learned thanks to Nate
a trumpet and long long staircase
live orchestra in the pit
it was a blast

i was Ruth in Blithe Spirit
produced as theater in the round
the seance scene was funny
my brother Nathan drilled me on my lines
do you see a pattern here?

drill team
when they were ziggin'
i was zaggin'

wish i had a sorry picture of homecoming
we made the formation of an "O"
for Olympus high school
jump splits at the climax
i was a count too late
only one standing
to the song
"Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head"

i'll never forget



Grandma Honey said…
What a great gift idea. Did she make up the questions? I love this!
Relyn said…
You were Mame??? I LOVE that!! Great memories.

And, the jar of questions. I love that so much!
alison said…
you still have that jar!! i have no idea where mine is:) great idea to share on the blog . . . can't wait for more. i love the picture of the shirt - you are still just as beautiful. love you.
deb colarossi said…
I missed this!
This is so wild.
I love it.

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