the jar...# 4

Where did you grow up as a child?

121 West 1800 South
Bountiful, Utah 84010

2100 square feet
built in 1955
red brick
four bedrooms
two baths
kitchen in the front of the house
looking out the window at dinner time
made for interesting conversation

steep driveway
covered patio in the back

large yard
.34 acres
chain link fences
 lined with red rose bushes
my dad built a cool little house
on a beam
eighteen feet in the sky
anchored six feet in the ground
we would sleep up there on summer nights
or retreat there
to get away

this house was brand new
we moved in
when i was 18 mos. old
my bedroom was in the basement
from the time i was about six years old

it was here
i learned how to
ride a bike
roller skate
bake a cake
scrub a tub
fix my hair
say my prayers
iron clothes
practice table manners
punch kids
double dutch jump rope
burp a baby and change a diaper
play the organ and piano
watch Pinky birth her kittens
then bury one
knit and crochet
mow the lawn
get out of bed on time
get bossed around
do plenty of bossing
take a short shower
love and be loved

it all happened here
for me
i walked to elementary
junior high and high school
i was launched from this little spot
of stability
i would give a whole lot
to go back
one more day
with all eight of us there



alison said…
such sweet remembrances. home will always be in the heart.

love these "jar" posts
deb colarossi said…
The jar idea is great.

and I wanted this for our kids . a forever house. we had to move once and now I'm thinking about it again in spite of ,
so the timing of this was perfect, thank you
deb colarossi said…

Can you email me so I have your address. I switched to gmail and thought I saved yours but don't see it.
Grandma Honey said…
Oh what a sweet sweet post. Oh to go home again....

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