getting ready

getting ready for conference

his shirt is in Boise

he will borrow his dad's

the brothers are amused

everyone has something to say

every single one is a tease

 he is the biggest tease of them all

almost ready

young ed taking it all in

i married a man with a happy heart

his boys are much the same

"it looks like a dang parachute"

sweetie is howling

now for the finishing touches

almost done

my boys are men

all grown up

this is young ed's first conference

first they will go to dinner

then they will receive instruction
young ed's very first priesthood session of conference

to be men of God



deb colarossi said…
All those wonderful loving life filled men... incredible.
Lora Dawn said…
I love this post.
Their ordinary and splendid goodness is extraordinary when you think of this scene happening round the world!
Katie said…
I love this post. I love my dad and brothers (and little Ed too). So glad you took the pictures!
Dave said…
Great memory. Thanks for recording that mom!

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