my brother sends a blast from the past...Thalwil

i wrote this when i was seven and a half years old

an ordinary monday morning 50 years, 0 months and 25 days ago:

JFK was in the white house

the NYT wrote that major auto manufacturers would install seat-belt anchorages in their 1962 models, saying the move "bodes well for the safety of the motoring public"

the federal income tax rate on regular income for taxpayers in the top bracket was 91%

george clyde was governor of utah and pat brown (father of jerry) was governor of california

david o mckay had been the prophet for 10 years and would live until 1970

.. and you wrote a letter to your grandmother.

sending much love from thalwil!


p.s.  i think i've figured out the which-hand-to-eat-with question 

(nathan i love you)



alison said…
this is adorable! look at how beautiful your penmanship is! what a darling note and such a help to your mother . . . we mother's are so thankful for our little helpers:)
Melissa: said…
Amazing penmanship :)
Sweet and handsome brother.

Loving all these posts
Lora Dawn said…
Happy surprises from forgotten moments are just the best!
What fun for you.

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