the impossible dream

i love you danny!

alison, liz and i all visited this delightful spot this week
at different times

sis..."i don't see why we are going in there"
me..."because i need a good sniff"

we inhaled deeply

we did not succumb

me in december
first visit to the sweet tooth fairy
yes, i can open my mouth very very wide
in the throws of my sweets addiction

another successful week! 



Grandma Honey said…
I can remember as a little girl on Fast Sunday loving to cook and bake just so I could smell the food. It did help for some odd reason.

Good for you!
Cath said…
Honestly! You didn't eat that vanilla squared cupcake!!!?? I'm in awe. Truly. In Awe with a capital A. You go girls!
S. Etole said…
Admirably done!!!

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