an amazing book

"...we do what is in us, and why it is in us, that is also a secret. 
It is Christ in us, crying that men may be succoured and forgiven, 
even when He Himself is forsaken." 
Chapter 15, pg. 110

i am humbled at your goodness
brought to my knees
pierced heart
my eyes sting
i blink back salt

you could have been broken
you didn't quit
but you were human
and repented

i will never forget you Kumalo
always i carry your suffering
your desire to serve
your willingness to reclaim
all that are lost

the best i know how

"go well, stay well"

(this is the second book i have listened to on cd's while i work on afghan's. the woman's voice was warm; native accent of South Africa with easy pronunciation of Zulu words. i give this book a is a marvel in every way.)



S. Etole said…
beautiful, tender words ...
Michelle said…
Ah, I've been meaning to read that book for a long time now. You just gave me the nudge I needed. I may try the audio version since you recommended it so highly.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm happy to have found yours.
deb said…
I had another friend recommend this as well.

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