a dream

sometimes i fly
in dreams
barely clearing telephone wires
arms doing a breast stroke
if i lose altitude

it must be a lovely sight
i know i am smiling
i wave at friends
it all seems perfectly natural

to soar in one's sleep
well, if i am longing
in my head
my heart
i say

"please let me fly tonight"
and then i'm gone


  • happy dreams
  • Angie is mending nicely
  • strawberries and lemons for smoothies
  • the quiet hum of this home
  • Doug's visit
  • we could meet for a sandwich
  • phone call from Kate
  • phone call from Joe
  • her car works
  • feeling better
  • lovely writing
  • talented friends
  • stretching flat on the floor
  • she sing's in the shower..."there is sunshine in my soul"
  • sweetie's smile
  • another day
  • the day is lighter longer


S. Etole said…
what a perfectly wonderful list ... may your heart soar high!
Melissa: said…
I have never had a flying dream that I can recall...reading about it makes me think I am really missing out! :)

Dreams I can't really control. But strawberries and lemons, I can. That sounds de-lish.

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