scraps of yarn

funny how odds and ends
this and that
left over color
waste not want not

not a coat for Joseph
presented by adoring father
a blanket of many colors 
for one
who sees beauty in random


  • rest
  • quiet
  • dryer
  • feeling of a fresh start
  • medicine for sis
  • the will to try
  • cell service
  • winter's night
  • healthy children and theirs
  • mary loves laurel
  • elizabeth's car quit at the right spot
  • enough and to spare of what matters most
  • generous siblings
  • to be content with my age
  • choosing colors for afghan
  • recognize the holiness of each day
  • eggs, sunny side up



S. Etole said…
love in each stitch to warm the heart as well as the body ...
deb said…
does it sound too corny to say you wrap me in your you?

'cause you make me feel like your heart is a good home.
Grandma Honey said…
I like how you wrote "to be content with my age". I've really been working on that one lately.
Melissa: said…
It did turn out gorgeous. the other day Sam and I wrapped the blanket you made around our laps and I said, "Don't you feel so lucky that this is your blanket."

And he said, "I WISH it was MY blanket...Everyone's using it all the time!"

It's true, we love it and it's super cozy. :)

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