third question from the jar

Tell about being sick, and ways you got better.

I do struggle with motion sickness which takes a lot of fun out of travel for me. Other than that ongoing hassle I can only think of three instances where i was down-and-out sick.

When I was in the musical Mame I lost my voice for the final performance. I think I was just run down. I remember the home teachers coming to my home and giving me a Priesthood blessing...then the family physician, Dr. Wray, came back stage during intermission to give me some medicine. My voice was restored long enough to finish the show well and after the final performance my voice was gone again. I stayed home sick for a few days after that.

In my early marriage I got really sick with the flu...although my mother-in-law who is a nurse thinks it was something much more serious than that. Anyway, my dear sweet mother-in-law would bring me peach shakes. She was wonderful to me and nursing comes natural to her. I received a Priesthood blessing from my husband and was restored to good health once again. I remember how much better I would feel by just making myself take a shower.

Just before Liz was born I got very sick...some sort of upper respiratory illness that had me coughing so much I broke a couple of ribs. I slept in a recliner at night so that I wouldn't cough so much and was down from before Christmas until sissy was born. I was miserable. Finally, after the third attempt, we were able to find a good antibiotic and again a Priesthood blessing was administered in my behalf.

Other than those three instances I have been blessed with very good health. Somehow a bath or shower, kindnesses bestowed by loving friends and family, medicine, and prayer help.

(image is Beatrix Potter's)



S. Etole said…
That picture is so comforting. And we are all blessed because you were blessed with restored health.
Grandma Honey said…
You may not get sick very often, but when you do, it really takes hold. Oh that must have hurt with broken ribs while being pregnant.

Can't get over that picture. I would love to get a copy of it and put it in a frame. Do you know who the artist is?
Melissa: said…
I LOVE reading your answers from the jar. What a great idea! It's so fun to get to know you in a way I never have. And fun to see your face on a t-shirt. That is pretty sweet, if you ask me. :)
alison said…
i remember well the time before sis was born . . . and the accident following:) that was a rough few months!
deb colarossi said…
You have been blessed in this regard!
Although I guess so have I .
I imagine you aren't including much of the little stuff that would take down a lesser woman!

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