the most i could ever hope for
my heart's desire
to enjoy each other

to really truly care
show up
delight in

a mother's dream
my fondest wish
always to be friends
come true

(my eight taken in August at David's wedding)



Cath said…
For some reason I never really processed the fact that you and Jer do indeed have eight children!! Must be that I'm now a mother myself and the thought is... well...amazing! A quiver full of children! No greater blessing. Loved watching you play the organ today. You're a great example of motherhood to me Cristie. You have always loved it, embraced, joyed in it. I want to be like you. Love you!
S. Etole said…
What a wonderful family moment ...
deb said…
And I imagine you just gazing at them, there, like that, loving each other , thinking , this is as close as it gets

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