faces in a crowd

to a bystander
just faces in a crowd
i see

to be God
and love every face
is to sacrifice
your Son



Pollyanna said…
Wow, this really touched my heart. Thanks for sharing your perspective.
jerry said…
and I didn't even make the picture!
S. Etole said…
it's an awesome thought to ponder, isn't it?
Deborah Ann said…
Hi Cristie. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm returning the favor. Looking forward to knowing you better, my new sister in Christ!
Hi there, thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my post the other day. And about the song, I'm sorry that it got stuck in your head too. :-)))

Congratulations with your sons wedding. Everybody look so happy.
deb said…
Oh , Cristie.... every time I come here you just fill my heart.
Such a joy to see....
congratulations many times over.

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