Ray Charles

i was offered a job
to work for this man
personal secretary

i interviewed
the offer came the next day
i declined
"no thank you"

why no?
i went home
talked it over with sweetie
it just didn't feel right

even when i typed
took dictation
answered questions
drove from Studio City
to Los Angeles
i wondered
"what in the heck am i doing here"

for starters
we were a one car family
sweetie needed that car more than i
Los Angeles was too far
find work in "the valley"

interviewing for that job...
well, i'll never forget

just a small town girl
from Bountiful
sitting in that big fancy office
gold albums on the walls
not a white person in sight
but me

(favorite Ray Charles song..."You Don't Know Me" sung with Diana Krall)



Gwynie Pie said…
Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I'm fairly new to blogland vut I'm loving it so. :)

The pic of all your sweet children is too cute. Good blog, I like your style. I'll be back !

Gwyn Rosser
The Pink Tractor
deb said…
Are you kidding?
And I so love that you were able to keep your heart in the right place. I'm sure it was a bittersweet decision for a time.
Katie said…
how do I not know this story?? I'm probably guilty of the same assumptions that my kids have - that I know most everything about you!

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