Wednesday, November 18, 2009

solid true

so, here we are
approaching forever
this is what commitment looks like
the leap of faith

had i known then
what i know now
it would have been a piece of cake

wanting a guarantee

i trusted you
with my forever and always
taking the terrible awful chance
never looking back

your promise
"you will never be sorry"
a sincere declaration
backed up with covenant

if you give your all
and i do the same
so it is

photo by alison carter brasher



Katie said...


Claire said...

sometimes i want to sit down and have a really long cup of tea with someone like yourself, who has made it this far, and i want to ask you what you know now, that you wish you had known then.

and then sometimes i just want to enjoy the ride and learn to love him better everyday.

thank you for stopping by.

Julie said...

I am sure glad you took the leap because you make a great pair. Wonderful partners in crime! Can't imagine one without the other.

deb said...

This photo is just incredibly beautiful.

Jewels said...

Beautiful photo!! Thank you for stopping by...