my washer

never take for granted
dirty going in
clean coming out

rather remarkable
 turn of a faucet
brings hot or cold

over the years
gallons of water
boxes of soap
electricity sucked up

so, which is it?
the dirtiest kids
or the cleanest kids
that machine rarely rests


*my washer
*my dryer
*hot and cold running water
*plentiful soap
*a back that bends
*hands that work properly
*i can see colors
*Julie's generous offer
*Janet's yummy rolls
*Linda shares her talents
*Cindy's preparation and energy
*BJ's generous offer
*friendly smiles
*lunch with my sweet girls today
*gift pillow on porch
*everything tastes so good to me
*ann's post about farming
*body image fireside
*note from Elizabeth
*spoke to my out of town girls today
*stage play with Sam and Melissa
*Joseph has a great laugh
*David's surprise visit



lindsay said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog to read my gratitude list! Enjoyed reading yours as well.

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