my dear ones--minus one

here they are
minus one
the love that got me out of bed each day

here they are
full of life
with so much life to live

each face reminds me
girl in denim...delightful
white collared girl...distracted and singing
airplanes on chest...earnest
baby..."what the heck"
yellow socks...responsible
boy in around house
blue shirt and tie...his tormentor

the sum of each
the joy of all

(this photo was taken shortly after moving to SLC...sissy born '92)



deb said…
aren't you shocked when you look at the kids all together. that you had/have so many. Incredible. And I thought five was a lot.
Heather said…
Oh, I love these descriptions!
Thanks for the wonderful quote on my blog. Those are beautiful and very true words.
Katie said…
All of these people (plus sis) are a part of me.
Pollyanna said…
This is wonderful. It always amazes me that my girls came from my womb, have my husband as a father, have been raised in the same household, yet are sooooo different. And the traits that define them make me love them all the more.

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