i remember her

this little girl was always loved
she could fly in her dreams
her mother fixed her just so
her daddy tossed her up way high
she had five younger siblings

this little girl loved to pretend
she caught grasshoppers in glass jars
cut out paper dolls
played hop scotch
jumped double-dutch

this little girl could be a pill
she snooped and pranked
she bossed and yanked
she fed mud pies to unsuspecting kids
life was adventure

this little girl made big plans
fame fortune and a handsome prince
happily ever after came
her reality more lovely than imagined

this little girl has the face of a grammy
beyond wrinkles so much the same
now with more darling hearts to love
in her dreams she still takes flight
aware of fleeting time


alison said…
loving the pictures! you are getting good:)

the words make my heart full.


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