so here we are
i have fallen back
her home
her children
a familiar flavor

a different state
love spills everywhere
shadows the past
a tender mercy
i am humbled

she is her mother
only better
thank Thee
in the letting
a sweet glimpse

there really is no end

photo by alison carter brasher


Julie said…
I look to you for my daily inspiration and tug at the heartstrings. A great way to start my day. Truly a spiritual reminder of all that is good and true. I see that you are a morning writer? A great way to start the day. I find the feelings of my heart expressed in your words. I love you dear friend.
about me: said…
What Julie said :).
alison said…
thank you, thank you, thank you for making the trip. what a fabulous weekend i had been looking forward to all month. i am sad it went so quickly.

lodestar - ever guiding, i am always learning from you.

Cath said…
Love this picture of you two. Beautiful women. Filling needs for each other, joying together in all the beauty of family and life. Love you both!

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