this abundant life

photo...alison carter brasher

i am living my dream

long, long ago she looked at the stars
in no hurry to get home
and whispered a small prayer
she was small and the sky so large

please, please bless me
a happy heart seeking happiness
precious babies
someone to love and love me back

known, knowing
now this child all grown up
still feels that earnest prayer
and bathes in fruition

He, only He
heard heart felt yearnings
pouring out love
presented presents

i am living my dream


*general conference
*sticky buns
*nielsen's frozen custard
*clean laundry
*working machine
*running water (hot & cold)
*warm feet
*autumn's chill
*phone call from my dad
*a hug that smells of cloves
*moon-lit sky
*ann voskamp
*the chance to give
*Book of Mormon



Catherine said…
Cristie - this poem is awesome. Your use of repetition, sameness. It says so much. I love feeling of your abundant life! Love you!
alison said…
a heart full of gratitude. i too am living my dream. what a gift. love and miss you.
deb said…
I love how you looked at all of these as presents.
And that you mentioned Ann Voskamp.
She moves me in a way I cannot explain.
about me: said…
I read this again and I was brought to tears, again. Reading this makes me want to immediately get on my knees in gratitude for my own dream come true!

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