my dad

out of the blue photos
unexpected emotion
because you smiled at me

500 miles and a pay-phone call
broken hearted disbelief
you listened

"Which, by the right and virtue of my place,"
beyond stage lights in darkness
you were there

"hold your skis up, now yell hit it when you're ready"
i yelled, fell over
you circled
and again
and again

feeling left out...unwanted
"the last rose of summer is the prettiest rose of all"
you believed in me
so did i

"your word is your bond"
your perfect example
my imperfect choosing
what's left

devotion, admiration, love
endless gratitude


about me: said…
I love these about your parents. What a beautiful tribute.
Julie said…
I love this. It is easy to see where you got your beauty. Your father is as handsome as you are pretty.

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