my fix-it man

when i said, "you don't think i just married another pretty face?"
he said, "pretty face?"
and that there comment deserved a big fat kiss--
for you see, this man of mine is multi-faceted.

he sings, he jokes, he plays the guitar, he laughs,
but today he fixed.
and i am down right proud of him.
we girls need a guy that owns a couple of tools.

once late at night we thought we had an intruder.
my man armed himself with a hairbrush before he descended the stairs.
luckily he didn't need to bing someone good
but, once again i was happy not to go down those spooky stairs myself.

no, he's not just another pretty face.
he's fun, reliable, kind, and mine.
i'm lucky and happy--
to have hitched my wagon with a fellow that can fix what's broken.



Julie said…
LOL!!! Jerry is looking better each time I see him.
Catherine said…
Now that's a face a girl can love! Priceless! And Amen to needing a man that can wield some tools! Love it Cristie!

And I love that Autumn quote by Eliot. Can I steal it for one of my posts?
cristie said…
i love you girls!

cath, please feel free to use the quote. xox
alison said…
i love that fix it man - and so loved the story behind it all. we know how he loves to fix:)

that is a story in provident living and self reliance:)

love the picture!

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