Obedience and Sacrifice

They cut desire into short lengths
And fed it to the hungry fires of courage.
Long after—when the flames had died—
Molten Gold gleamed in the ashes.

They gathered it into bruised palms
And handed it to their children
And their children's children. Forever.

Vilate Raile

As I sat in Sunday School today this poem came to me. Today I understand that "desire" is for me to offer my will---my all---to those hungry fires.  It will take every bit of courage I can muster. This kind of obedience and faith will bring everlasting, pure, precious Gold.  But, there must be sacrifice and "bruised palms."

Is there a greater legacy given to those we love than this?


about me: said…
I love that poem, it is one of my most favorites.

What you wrote is just as beautiful and I feel inspired, thank you for sharing.
deb said…
Okay, I feel like a complete stalker. But you are so right.
And that poem says so so much.
I posted last week about opening up my heart to understanding this heritage of mine. Those people who I've felt didn't do so much.
I need to be thankful for all that they did do.
Sorry for all these comments....
I'm so glad I found you again this evening.

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